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October 2013: Prof. Donato in the Programme Committee of Horizon 2020

September, 2013: Francesco Badia and Fabio Donato "Performance Measurement at World Heritage Sites: per aspera ad astra", International Journal of Arts Management

October 9, 2013: Prof. Anna Maria Visser at the seminar "Homemade" the museum (re)invents spaces languages installations - Modena

MuSeC - Master in Cultural Management - UNIVERSITY OF FERRARA


XXIX ANMLI National Conference

March 30-31, 2012: ANMLI at Salone del Restauro 2012 - Ferrara


The conference "Il museo nelle città italiane - Il cambiamento di ruolo sociale del museo nei centri urbani" will be held during the "Salone del restauro 2012" (Ferrara Fiere).


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