October 2013: Prof. Donato in the Programme Committee of Horizon 2020

September, 2013: Francesco Badia and Fabio Donato "Performance Measurement at World Heritage Sites: per aspera ad astra", International Journal of Arts Management

October 9, 2013: Prof. Anna Maria Visser at the seminar "Homemade" the museum (re)invents spaces languages installations - Modena


students in the estense castle


Many cultural museums belong to the network of Musec: all ANMLI museums, associated to the Conference of Italian Museum Associations; important italian and international academic istitutions.


At the moment, the following cultural organizations decided to collaborate with MuSeC to implement training activities and internships:



Italian internships

International internships

Uffizi Gallery (Florence)

ENCATC (Bruxelles)

Centrica - imagine more (Florence)  

Castelvecchio Museum (Verona)


Codess Cultura (Venice)  
Villaggio Globale International (Treviso)  
March - contemporary art foundation (Padova)  

Buonconsiglio Castle (Trento)


Associazione Beni Italiani UNESCO (Ferrara - Assisi)


MAR - Art Museum of Ravenna (Ravenna)


Ravenna Festival Foundation (Ravenna)


IBC - Regione Emilia Romagna (Bologna)


Emilia Romagna Festival (Imola)  

Palazzo Madama (Torino)


Civic Arts Museum (Modena)


ATER - Emilia Romagna Theatre Association (Modena)


Arte'm (Napoli)