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October 2013: Prof. Donato in the Programme Committee of Horizon 2020



MuSeC in Ferrara - Estense Castle; Municipal Theatre; National and Local Museums


MuSeC student will meet the core management of some of leading cultural institutions.


In the morning, students will visit the Estense Castle. The Castle was built as a fortress in the Middle Age and it developed into a court palace in the following centuries. In recent time, it was highly valued artistically and as a monument. For this reasons, students will discover the institution and meet its managers, in order to study significant managerial and organizational aspects.


In the afternoon, the course will visit the Municipal Theatre of Ferrara.  The Theatre is renowned for its conductor Claudio Abbado, who has curated some of the most famous lyric seasons of the last years. Moreover, the Municipal Theatre is the residence of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, that its international and outstanding quality, is an ensemble unique to the present time. Moreover, it's famous for the presence of the Ferrara Musica institution.



MuSeC in Ferrara - Delta Po Park


The Delta Po Park has been included in the Unesco World Heritage List because of the extraordinary natural ecosystem which was closely linked by man to the town between the 14th and the 16th century.


During the morning, MuSeC students will visit the Delta Po Park. A very interesting peculiarity is the creation of the Managing Consortium, which represents the Park “director”. Through its organs, the “Consorzio” acts as a coordinator and a cohesive element for the enhancement of the territory.