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- The university of Ferrara has selected some agencies that will provide useful information about room availability, prices and other accommodation details. The contract will be signed with the agency itself.

- Students can also apply for an accommodation through a regional agency, ER.GO, using the on-line reservation and payment form.

- Servizio Sottotetto is the database of the office Informagiovani (managed by the Municipality of Ferrara), that supports students looking for an accommodation in Ferrara. University of Ferrara students could search apartments of rooms through agencies of directly addressing the owners. The service is sponsored by the Municipality of Ferrara and is completely free of charge.

- See also: Student’s Hostel and Guest House “Il Cenacolo”.






In Ferrara some agencies will support students during their stay in Ferrara. They will help them dealing with the procedure to obtain their permit of stay, in particular they will provide information about the necessary documents, health or risk insurance, accommodation, national health system for EU and International students. In addition, they will advise the students on the available Italian language courses, on the Immigration services and give information on how to apply to grants and scholarships.





During the first week of the Master, Italian and international students whose native language is not English would be given the possibility to attend “English for Art and Culture” seminars.

Italian language courses will be organized for non-Italian students by the Language Centre of the University of Ferrara.

Courses are divided into five levels according to the parameters set down by the Common European Framework of Reference. Lessons will be held  three times per week and will take place from Mondays to Fridays, between 8.30 and 19.00; the course will include  50 or 40 hours(according to the language level of the students) of group lessons with a lecturer and 10 hours of self-study.

To be admitted to the Italian language course applicants must fill in the admission form (you can download the form from this webpage before the deadline published in the website). Applicants should also sit for a written entry test and oral examination on the days listed in the test timetable.

For more information, please visit the website.






University Library Portal Service is the service to look for a book or a journal, to consult a electronic resources, or just for information about the Library.

Academic library location, services and opening times in Ferrara.

The library of the Faculty of Economics is located in the Eastern area of the renovated, magnificent building of the Faculty of Economics, Palazzo Costabili.

The library’s most relevant collections are: political economics, business economics, public and local finance, statistics, history of economics, financial law, economics and politics of the European Community.







The University Institute for Higher Studies, IUSS - Ferrara 1391, is a structure/institute that offers university courses at undergraduate and graduate level providing high qualifications for its scholars. It is a center of studies open to Italian and international students with the following program:

-       doctoral courses

-       courses of high specialization

-       advanced supplemental courses


IUSS – Ferrara 1931 main aim is to enhance careers selecting only the most deserving students. Its international aspect is based on the involvement of international scholars and students, for whom IUSS is a point of reference and a mean of intercultural exchanges.







The University Sports Centre (CUS) is located in the delightful surroundings of Parco Urbano (Bassani Park) overlooking the city walls. It is just 500 meters from the historic centre of Ferrara, on the north side of the city.

With its range of buildings, it is an established part of the city’s sporting life. Every day it plays host to thousands of university students and other residents. Within the 40 hectares of Parco Urbano, students can take part in a wide variety of sporting activities, many of which are free of charge. These include: gymnastics and general warm-up, circuit training, canoeing, tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, rugby, track-and-field events, body building, body circuit training, assault course, triathlon and cycling. Every year, interfaculty tournaments are organized and teams also take part in national university championships in track-and-field events, basketball, soccer, 5-a-side soccer, volleyball, canoeing, rugby 7’s, golf and tennis. There is also the possibility of spending a holiday at reduced prices organized by CUS.






Ferrara is one of Italy's greatest Renaissance centres, an extraordinary urban poem bequeathed to history; light and order, harmony and balance. The splendour of the Este Court left indelible traces: the far-seeing project of the Addizione Erculea, the Castle, the great fresco cycle in Palazzo Schifanoia.
From 1995 the historic centre of Ferrara has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list as "...a marvellous example of a city planned in the Renaissance that has preserved its historic centre intact." This recognition was extended to the Po Delta and the sequence of the Este's Delizie (country retreats), as an exceptional cultural landscape preserving its original form. Discover the area.