October 2013: Prof. Donato in the Programme Committee of Horizon 2020

September, 2013: Francesco Badia and Fabio Donato "Performance Measurement at World Heritage Sites: per aspera ad astra", International Journal of Arts Management

October 9, 2013: Prof. Anna Maria Visser at the seminar "Homemade" the museum (re)invents spaces languages installations - Modena


MuSeC in Venice - Venice Biennale


The Venice Biennale was born by a resolution by the City Council on 19th April 1893, which proposed the founding of a "biennial national artistic exhibition" to take place in the following year, to celebrate the silver anniversary of King Umberto and Margherita of Savoy. The event in fact took place two years later, on 30th April, 1895, when the Mayor of Venice strongly decided to transform the artists' evening meetings at Caffè Florian into a prestigious international exhibition.


Since then, the Venice Art Biennale has become one of the most well-known art exhibitions in the world.


During the whole day, students will get the chance to meet museum curators and art professionals, who have organized this world-known event.