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About us

For over ten years our staff has trained young professionals in the fields of economics and management of museums, cultural institutions and cultural heritage. During these years we have published many essays and papers, we have organized conferences and congresses, and developed important research projects in the field of management of cultural heritage.

The course was founded by Prof. Fabio Donato and Prof. Anna Maria Visser. The Master is now directed by Prof. Monia Castellini and Prof. Anna Maria Visser.


Prof. Fabio DonatoFabio Donato

Ph.D in Business Economics – University of Pisa 

Professor of Business Economics, Public Management and Cultural Organizations Management – University of Ferrara


Fabio Donato has been a member of the Italian High Council for Heritage and Landscape (MiBACT - Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) and head of the Scientific and Technical Committee ‘Museums and Cultural Economy’ of MiBACT (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo) since 2015. He is also Italian Counsellor for Research and Innovation, acting as Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU in Bruxelles, and he has been appointed as Italian MIUR delegate for the Committee of the Horizon 2020 Program, Pillar 6 - Societal Challenge ‘Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’, since 2013.
Professor Donato was Deputy Director of the Economics and Management Department of the University of Ferrara between 2012-2015. He has been co-editor of the Journal of Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC) since 2011 and Member of the ENCATC Board (European Network on Cultural Management and Policy Education) since 2009.
In 2004 he founded the Post-Graduate Course of Specialisation in Economics and Management of Museums and Cultural Services, which is now the 1st Level Degree Master MuSeC. He published more than 40 paper articles on the topics of cultural management and public management, he has been lecturer of more than 30 international conferences and he lectured management of cultural heritage in several masters and Ph.D programs in Europe and overseas.



  Monia Castellini

  Ph.D in Business Economics – University of Ferrara
  University Researcher at Department of Economics and
  Management - University of Ferrara

Monia Castellini  focuses her research interest on the topics involving governance implications and informative systems in support of the strategic planning process of public administrations. She investigates the analysis of processes for measuring the degree of efficiency and effectiveness in local public administration and their impact on personnel behaviour (responsibility and accountability), along with the issues connected to the introduction of social budget reporting in public administrations.

She has been responsible for research projects in collaboration with local public administrations, public service companies, and non-profit companies, in particular, with cooperative realities.

She published several international research papers, on publications such as ‘Corporate Governance’, ‘Management & Organizational History’ and ‘International Business Research’.



Dr.ssa Anna Maria VisserAnna Maria Visser

Ph.D in Classical Archaeology - University of Bologna 
Lecturer in Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management – University of Ferrara



Anna Maria Visser has been Member of the High Council and Deputy President of the Scientific and Technical Committee for Fine Arts of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism - MiBACT - since 2015. She was Member of the Executive Board of ICOM Italy (International Council of Museums) until 2010 and coordinator of the Topic Committee ‘Museum Personnel, Education and Training’ until 2016. She is now member of the Executive Board of the International Committee for the Training of Personnel (ICOM-ICTOP International).

Anna Maria Visser was President of ANMLI (Associazione Nazionale Musei Locali e Istituzionali – National Association of Institutional and Local Museums) until 2006 and she is now past-president and person in charge of the national project ‘Civic Museum. Innovation and Tradition’. She was Director of the Municipal Museum of Ancient Art in Ferrara (Pallazzo Schifanoia, Palazzina Marfida d’Este, Lapidario Romano, Palazzo Bonacossi, Casa dell’Ariosto, Museo della Cattedrale) from 1986 to 2001. In 1999, she became in charge of university courses in Museum Studies and Management of Cultural Heritage at the University of Ferrara.
Anna Maria Visser has been co-director of the Master in Cultural Management (MuSeC), together with Professor Fabio Donato, since it was first established, in the Academic Year 2004/2005.
She is an archeologist and museologist. She is author of many publications, monographs and scientific papers. She collaborates with cultural institutions and regional and local administrations in Italy and Europe.



Francesco Badia

Francesco Badia

Ph.D in Business Economics – University of Ferrara
University Researcher at Department of Economics, Management and Business Law, University of Bari Aldo Moro



Francesco Badia focuses his research interests in the following topics: innovative instruments for financial and accounting management within the public sector, cultural heritage management, management of cultural and artistic organisations and corporate social responsibility. In Particular, within the field of cultural heritage management, he studied the management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and their economic impact on territorial development.
Francesco Badia has been coordinator of national projects about UNESCO Management Plans and he has been engaged in several researches involving international universities, such as the University of Granada (Spain) and the University of Ahmedabad (India). In the same years, he researched abroad studying the most prestigious cultural institution all over the world, such as: Mission Val de Loire (France), Bayerische Schloesserverwaltung, Deutsches Museum (Germania), Statue of Liberty National Monument (US), Edinburgh World Heritage (UK), where he investigated the relations between the management system of institutions and the economic impact on their territory.
Francesco Badia published research papers on ‘Internation Journal of Arts Management' and on ‘Journal of Cultural Management and Policy’.




Emanuela Guarnieri

Emanuela Guarnieri 

Master of Science in Architecture – IUAV University of Venice
MCM MuSeC Staff – University of Ferrara


Emanuela Guarnieri is an architect with a Master’s Degree earned at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice and she graduated at the 9th edition of Master MuSeC (academic year 2011/2012).

She worked in the sector of museum exhibitions productions as freelance and in the field of promotion, protection and urban regeneration for STU – Ferrara Immobiliare spa.

She has been collaborating as tutor and organizational staff of the Master since 2013.




Elena Bartolucci


Elena Bartolucci 

Master of Art in Language Studies, Society and Communication – Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna
MCM MuSeC Staff – University of Ferrara


Elena Bartolucci graduated at the 10th edition of Master MuSeC (academic year 2013/2014) and she is Subject Matter Expert in Cultural Enterprises Economics at the University of Ferrara.