October 2013: Prof. Donato in the Programme Committee of Horizon 2020

September, 2013: Francesco Badia and Fabio Donato "Performance Measurement at World Heritage Sites: per aspera ad astra", International Journal of Arts Management

October 9, 2013: Prof. Anna Maria Visser at the seminar "Homemade" the museum (re)invents spaces languages installations - Modena

About us

For over ten years our staff has trained young professionals in the fields of economics and management of museums, cultural institutions and cultural heritage. During these years we have published many essays and articles, we have organized conferences and congresses, and developed important research projects in the field of management of  cultural heritage.

The course is co-directed by Prof. Fabio Donato and Prof. Anna Maria Visser


Prof. Fabio DonatoFabio Donato

Ph.D in Business Economics – University of Pisa - 1998
Professor of Economics and Management of Cultural Organizations –

University of Ferrara


His interests range widely, from accounting, planning and control systems, quality management in public sector organizations to management, finance and performance measurement systems in cultural organizations and heritage. He is the author and co-author of many articles and publications in the field of cultural management and business economics. His most recent book, "Il Museo oltre la crisi"("Museum beyond the crisis", F. Donato, A.M. Visser) was published in 2010 by Electa Mondadori.

He has been teaching Economics and Management of Cultural Organizations at the University of Ferrara since 2002. Since 2003 he has been co-director of the post-graduate course in Economics and Management of Museums and Cultural Services (MuSeC). Since 2008 he has been coordinator of the International School on Culture, Innovation and Sustainable Development of the University of Ferrara.

Since 2009 he has been Director of the Ph.D. Program in Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Ferrara; he is also Board Member of ENCATC – European Network for Cultural Administration Training Centres (an NGO promoted by the Council of Europe and with operation links with UNESCO and with the European Commission).



Dr.ssa Anna Maria VisserAnna Maria Visser

Ph.D in Classical Archaeology - University of Bologna - 1978
Lecturer in Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management – University of Ferrara


Anna Maria Visser is an archaeologist and museologist. Author of many scientific papers and monographs, she is currently working with museums, cultural institutions, local and regional governments in Italy and Europe.

She was Director of Ferrara Municipal Museums of Antiquity and Fine Arts from 1986 till 2001. Since 1999 she has been Lecturer in Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management at the University of Ferrara; since 2004, she has been co-director, with Prof. Fabio Donato, of the post-graduate course in Economics and Management of Museums and Cultural Services (MuSeC).

resident of ANMLI (National Association of Municipal Museums) until 2006, she is currently Past-President in charge of the national project "Museo Civico. Tradition and Innovation ". Board member of ICOM Italy (International Council of Museums) until 2010, she is at present coordinator of the national Training of Personnel Committee; she is also member of the International Committee for the Training of Personnel (ICTOP International).



Dr. Francesco BadiaFrancesco Badia

Ph.D in Business Economics – University of Ferrara - 2005

Lecturer of Economics and Management of Cultural Organizations - University of Ferrara



Francesco Badia is currently lecturer for the Department of Economics and Management and has collaborated with MCM staff since 2004 (first edition of MuSeC).

He has been coordinator of national projects about WHS Management Plans and their role as management supports. He has studied and conducted various researchs abroad, at the London School of Economics, Nottingham Business School and at the Department of Economía Financiera of the University of Granada; worth mentioning are also his works for important cultural institutes (i.e. Mission Val de Loire, Bayerische Schloesserverwaltung, Deutsches Museum, Statue of Liberty National Monument). He has written a monography on the valorisation of cultural sites and heritage from a business economic perspective, and he is the author of extensive articles and essays.





Elena BorinElena Borin

Ph.D student in Business Economics – University of Ferrara

MCM Staff




Elena Borin graduated in Languages and Science of Communication at the University of Padova; later she specialized in the field of event organization and management working for scientific and cultural institutions both in Italy and abroad and she is currently a PhD student in Economics, with a special focus onthemes related to cultural economics.

She studied abroad, at the University of Leicester (UK), and worked for the Cultural Office of the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia (USA) in 2006. She has collaborated with important cultural institutions and associations, among which the Association of Friends of Museums of Padua and the Venice Biennale. From 2006 till 2011 she worked for the National Institute of Nuclear Physics organizing scientific conferences and congresses as well as scientific exhibitions. She has been working with MCM staff since 2011 and has collaborated with the University of Ferrara on a project concerning management of cultural institutions. She has written articles on fundraising and performance measurement in Cultural Institutions, and is currently working on her PhD project related to the field of Public-Private Partnership in the cultural sector.